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Twenty years ago the family run company Greencoast came to the world in the cradle of Italian knitwear factory, in the town of Carpi. A perfect place to rise up: Carpi, indeed, has always distinguished itself for its craft tradition excellence.

Passion and dedication come first

Over the years Greencoast built highly prepared and craft dedicated staff. To keep strict quality standard, the company selected the best Italian producers as suppliers.
Greencoast follows directly all the production phases to guarantee the best fulfillment.

Quality is a lifestyle:

From the beginning the brand mission was creating an elegant sportswear collection and very high quality products, able to suit to every circumstances and everyday moments. The idea was realizing a total look for dynamic men without avoiding Made in Italy craft culture. Unique and original clothes are sewn with particular attention to details, quality and material technological research.

A brand between tradition and innovation

The twenty-year knitwear and clothes-craft experience is bounded to a constantly research of innovative materials: Greencoast selects the best yarn, the softest wool and the finest cotton, combining them with advanced materials. The company, therefore, always create new different performant items.
Every time you wear a Greencoast item it’s like feeling to wear it for the first time.


Greencoast knows that comfort and wearability are essential, so it developed a low pilling - cool touch knitwear collection. According to the most advanced technologies, the string is extremely twisted to give a freshness and a compact touch to the sweater.

Texit: 10.000 times smaller than a water drop

Texit is overall the breathing woven: composed by countless invisible pores, 10.000 times smaller than a water drop, Texit is waterproof, windproof and very breathable. At the same time, it creates a pleasant comfort sensation. In any weather condition, Texit makes the clothes able to obtain high level performance.

A gift starts from the wrap

A bad-wrapped gift wouldn’t have the same meaning of a good-wrapped one. For this reason Greencoast takes very care of product’s packaging. Each belt, jacket, shirt, scarf, shoe or knitwear item is wrapped up in an exclusive confection that makes unique the Greencoast experience as see as you touch and see the packaging.